About Us

Our Company


Alora Property Group are one of the top Sydney-based development companies, operating predominantly in Sydney and surrounds and along the east coast of Australia. We specialise in residential property developments and are involved in projects such as Townhouse Developments and Land Subdivisions. 

With the ability to turn rural locations into affordable liveable areas, our property developer team in Sydney creates land developments to suit the needs of Australian Families – they impress with their approach to creativity, their innovative and well thought out planning and their environmentally sustainable values, which apply to the complete development.

Using a cutting-edge environmental approach keeps our costs to a minimum, ensuring the property development is on-budget and affordable for every party in the process – from builders and developers to the final resident. The long-lasting, sustainable design and durability of each large-scale project means an Alora development site is truly a futureproof investment for sustainable living and community building.

Our Purpose

We are dedicated to being updated, industry-informed, determined and progressive. Specialists in sourcing, securing and amalgamating rural land parcels into new residential communities.

We believe in the “Art of Development” and remain focused on keeping abreast of the industry forefront; determined, progressive and strategic in our pursuit for excellence.

We pride ourselves on coming from a place of creativity, knowledge and expertise and an ability to deliver extraordinary developments. We have a straightforward philosophy. We value our relationships; which are built on collaboration, integrity and goodwill and we surround ourselves with a dedicated team boasting a wealth of experience in their respective fields.

We are focused on the tasks at hand but remain dedicated to our long-term vision and goals. By daring to dream, we are committed to playing a significant role in re-shaping the environments in which we live, work and play. 



At Alora, our Vision is creating beautiful developments that improve the lives of our clients and communities.


Alora is committed to playing a significant role in reshaping the environments in which we live, work and play.


With an unrivalled ability to deliver on complex planning outcomes for our projects; our people are committed to the vision of producing quality developments.


From our onset, we are building our business on the foundations of strong beliefs and deeply held values of how we work as individuals.


Our team is dedicated to being updated and informed. We believe that people make a company what it is, and a company’s values come from the people within.